Fellowship of Preparation Makers Gathering

On Thursday, January 30th 2020 @ 10:00AM at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, N8030 Townline Road, will host a Fellowship of Preparation Makers Gathering, from Jan. 30 - Feb. 2.

The mission of the Fellowship of Preparation Makers is to ensure that good quality biodynamic preparations are available now and into the future throughout North America.


Thursday, January 30

10-10:30am Registration for Chromagtogram Intensive

10:30am—Chromatogram Intensive – All levels welcome (Intensive is an additional $25) Presenter: Ryann Herring

12 —1pm Lunch Break (not provided)

1-3 pm Interpret Chromatograms

3—5pm Registration and Social Time

5-6:30pm Supper

7-8:30pm: Welcome from Perry Brown, and Candlemas Festival with Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Friday, January 31

7:30-8:30am Breakfast and Social Time

8:30– 10 am: History of Fellowship of Prep Makers, and Introductions.

10-10:30am Morning Break

10:30–12:30pm Why Biodynamics? Presenter: Mac Mead

12:30-1:45pm Lunch

2-3:30pm: How the cosmic works in the earth? Presenter: Hugh Courtney

3:30-4pm Afternoon Break

4-6pm: Different Way to Use Equisetum, Practical: how to make and use BD501 and BD508

Presenters: Marjory House and Lloyd Nelson

6-7:30 pm Supper

7:30-9:00pm: The Journey of a Preparation Maker, A history circle Facilitator: Brian Wickert

Saturday, February 1

7:30-8:30 Registration, Breakfast and Social Time

8:30-10am: History of Silica on Man's Evolution Presenter: Mac Mead

10-10:30am Morning break

10:30– 12pm: Silica and the Human Presenter: Dr. Mark Kamsler

12-1:30pm Lunch

1:30-3pm: Chromatograms Presenter: Ryann Herring

3-3:30pm Afternoon Break

3:30-5pm: Kolisko Institute Presenter: Dr. Mark Kamsler

5-7pm Supper

7-8:30pm: Quality Comparison of BD501 & 508 Show and tell how you make and use the preps. Facilitator: Wali Via

8:30 pm Evening Social/Brew City Drifters

Sunday, February 2

7:30-8:30 am Breakfast & Social Time

8:30-10am: Round Table Discussion: Peppering for Pests and Weeds

Panel: Mac Mead, Hugh Courtney

10-1-:30 Morning Break

10:30– noon Fellowship presentations, evaluations and closing circle.

Noon Lunch


Full Conference Fee $250

Single Day $125

Single Talk $25

Single Meal $15

Chromatogram Intensive $25

To Register Contact:

Allison Pratt-Szeliga




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