Monday April 9, 2018

Feature film holding casting call for 7-10 year old boy

"Small Town Wisconsin," a feature film shooting in the East Troy area this summer, has put out a casting call.

They are currently seeking a young boy between the ages of 7 and 10-years-old to fill the role of "Tyler" in the movie. Experience is not required. Any child with an interest in being a part of a feature film with a fun and moving father-son storyline is invited to come in and meet with casting directors.

Click here to sign up to audition


Director, writer, producer and Whitefish Bay native Niels Mueller is bringing it back to his Milwaukee roots. Known for his films "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" and "Tadpole," and an episodic drama that aired on CBS, "The Defenders," Mueller's next endeavor is about a native of a small town in Wisconsin and his son who find themselves on an adventure to the 'big city,' Milwaukee.

Aptly named "Small Town Wisconsin," this comedy-drama is a combination of "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Winter's Bone," finally giving Wisconsin its shining moment. Alexander Payne, universally known for his films "Sideways," "The Descendants," "Election," and more, is also backing "Small Town Wisconsin" as an executive producer.

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