Posted on Wednesday March 18, 2020 by Vanessa Lenz

Safer-at-home order: What you need to know

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is ordering people to stay in their homes except for activities defined as essential to slow the spread of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.The order, issued today by the Department of Health Services as directed by Evers, prohibits non-essential travel & closes non-essential businesses.

The order will go into effect at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25 and remain in effect until April 24, unless another order is issued.

Essential businesses and operations, like hospitals, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies and restaurants (curb side only), are allowed to continue operations.

Click here to read the full order


Click here to read a FAQ sheet from Gov. Evers Office

A message from the
Village of East Troy Police Department:


"The Village of East Troy Police Department has started to field calls regarding the 'Safer at Home' emergency order made today by Governor Evers that goes into effect on Wednesday, March 25th at 8:00 a.m. We encourage you to read the announcement for answers to any questions you may have.

Our Officers will not be stopping people to determine if they should or shouldn't be in their homes as you are still allowed to commute to your job or make trips to the businesses deemed essential such as local grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

During this time, we will continue to ensure the safety of the citizens and businesses in our community and ask you for your cooperation as we do. Please continue to follow the recommended safe guidelines that include social distancing, limiting your time away from home and washing your hands often.

Working together we will get through this. Stay Safe!"


What businesses can stay open? 

Essential businesses and operations allowed to stay open during the order include (but are not limited to):

• Health care operations, including home health workers

• Essential infrastructure (construction, airport operations, waste and recycling collection, utilities maintenance, etc.)

• Businesses that provide food, shelter, social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable individuals

• Fresh and non-perishable food retailers, including convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores and food banks

• Post offices and other mailing and shipping services

• Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food and goods directly to residences

• Pharmacies, health care supply stores and health care facilities

• Child care facilities, with some limitations

• Gas stations and auto repair facilities

• Banks

• Bars & restaurants (carry-out only)

• Laundry services

• Media

• Hardware stores, plumbers and electricians

• Educational institutions, for the purposes of facilitating distance learning

• Roles required for any business to maintain minimum basic operations, which includes security and payroll

• Professional services (such as legal or accounting services, insurance services, real estate services)

•Manufacture, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries

• Hotels (must close swimming pools & hot tubs)

• Law and safety, and essential government functions will continue

In the exceptional circumstance that a business is performing essential functions not included in the approved categories, it may request to be designated as essential by submitting this form to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.


Can I still support local restaurants? 

Yes. Please do! Here's a list of bars and restaurants in the East Troy area that are offering to to-go orders & curbside pickup:

Click Here

Where can I go?

People do not need permission to leave their homes, but should stay home except in limited circumstances (going to the grocery store, going to the doctor's office, going to work for an essential company, etc.). People may also go outside to exercise or walk their dogs.

When people leave their homes, the order says they must stay at least six feet away from others, except for family members they live with or members of their households.

Can I work from home? 

Yes. Businesses, including home-based businesses, may continue operations consisting exclusively of employees or contractors performing activities at their own home or residences (i.e., working from home).

How do I shop local?

If you have to go to the store to buy what you need, be sure to shop local & say thanks to the employees who are hard at work stocking shelves.

Click here  for a list of stores still open in East Troy

Which businesses are non-essential?

The order lists the following:

• Fitness and exercise gyms

• Hair salons/barber shops

• Nail salons

• Day spas

• Tattoo parlors

• Body art establishments

• Tanning facilities


Can I go to local parks?

Under the order, all playgrounds are closed. The Village of East Troy is posting signs at all playgrounds. Closures include Lynndale Park, Playmore Park, Mitchell Park, Francine Pease Skate Park, the dog park & the archery range.

"These closures, essential to the health of our staff and park users, reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19 through touching potentially contaminated surfaces that are not disinfected regularly. The lifespan on the virus on exterior surfaces remains unclear, but it has been found to survive on metal, glass, and plastic for as long as 9 days, and even longer in cold weather," Village Parks and Recreation said in an announcement.

"While we know these closures are extremely disappointing, these actions are critical to preserve the public health of our community at this time. Park users will notice closure signs appear in the park starting today."

"We encourage people to enjoy passive recreation activities through the village like walking and riding your bike. Please practice social distancing."

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