East Troy Cycling Classic Slow Ride Race

On Friday, June 22nd 2018 @ 5:40PM

Sign up for East Troy’s 4th annual Slow Ride Bike Race during the East Troy Cycling Classic at 5:40 p.m. on Friday, June 22. Each rider competes to be the slowest rider without stopping. Last place comes in first! 

Up to 20 entrants will ride a bicycle (either their own or one that is provided) from 2100 Church St., to the start/finish line of the East Troy Cycling Classic, 2096 Church St. (former East Troy Chamber of Commerce Office) for total of 52 feet. Each rider competes to be the slowest rider without stopping, putting a foot or arm onto the ground (building, person, etc.) in order to win. No track standing. Riders must be always be moving forward in a straight line.

Round 1: 2 heats of up to 10 riders. First and second place winners (slowest riders or riders who go the farthest) of each heat advance to Final Round
Final Round: 4 riders

Prize categories:
(as chosen by emcee and judges)-Winner (slowest rider or who goes the farthest) wins $100-Best Costume
Awards given post race on main stage.



Get the lowdown on the East Troy Cycling Classic here.


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